La Rochelle Yearbook 2022


PA A R L J U N I O R T OWN C O U N C I L FRONT: Liana Human, Mila Franklin, Sian Frankfort BACK: Sisca Joubert, Nalene Visser, Zahra Singh

PA A R L J U N I O R T OWN C O U N C I L The Paar l Jun i or Town Counc i l s erve s t h i s t own by organ i s i ng and a t t end i ng many even t s t hroughou t t he year wh i ch up l i f t our peer s and l e s s pr i v i l eged commun i t i e s , wh i l e we a l so a im a t ra i s i ng awarene s s f or t he env i ronmen t . We hosted a market day at the APD Centre , and revamped the garden of the Milani Centre . We assisted Magda’s Soup Kitchen , met up with the Junior Town Council of Johannesburg and took part in many

Courageous Conversations on topics that we come across in our daily lives. Furthermore, we encouraged Paarl’s youth to get to know one another at the JTC Dance. We organised some very necessary cleaning-up sessions around Paarl, while we supported various other ongoing projects such as the Saturday Parkruns and the Khula Project , where we aim to motivate young learners to complete their education by helping them with their homework. We also collaborate with the local radio station, Paarl FM, to advertise upcoming projects. As the Junior Town Council, we strive, project by project and clean-up by clean-up, to make Paarlites proud of their beautiful town.

R E D E N A A R S VOOR: Hayden Williams, mev. Luzanne Oosthuizen (Koördineerder), Jeanne du Toit (Voorsitter), mev. Carla Uys (Koördineerder), Jacinda Ruthven MIDDEL: Lienmarie Pienaar, Lea Prinsloo AGTER : Amy Jacobs, Zhané Lubbe, Beryl Briers-Louw, Walmari Crous, Daniell Lemmer


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