Olympic CITRUS Packing Guide



DETERMINATION OF THE ACID CONTENT 1. Use 20 mm pipette to transfer 20 mm of juice into a glass titration flask (capacity: 300 mm). 2. Add 5 drops phenolphthalein indicator, this consists of 4 grams phenolphthalein dissolved in 600 ml ethyl alcohol (95 percent) plus 400 ml distilled water and sufficient decinormal sodium hydroxide solution to obtain a faint pink colour; or when the juice is dark in colour, add 5 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, consisting of 5 grams phenolphthalein dissolved in 80 ml ethyl alcohol (95 per cent) and filled up with ethyl alcohol to 100 ml. 3. Tritate a 0,1562 N sodium hydroxide solution into juice by means of a burette with a capacity of 50 ml calibrated in millilitres, until the acid in that juice is neutralised. 4. Determine how many millilitres of the solution were used for such neutralising, and divide this figure by 20. The result will represent the percentage acid content of the fruit in the consignment. RATIO OF BRIX CONTENT TO ACID CONTENT The ratio of the Brix content to the acid content of the fruit in a consignment shall be determined by dividing the percentage obtained, by the percentage obtained. SEEDS PER FRUIT The number of seeds per fruit shall be determined as follows: 1. From more than one trade unit, draw at random a working sample of at least 12 fruit. 2. Cut each fruit in half at right angles to its longitudinal axis. 3. Remove all mature seeds and note the number per individual fruit. 4. For the determination of the AVERAGE NUMBER of seeds per fruit, divide such number by the number of fruit in the WORKING SAMPLE; the figure obtained represents the number of seeds per fruit in the consignment. 5. Establish if the number of SEEDS PER FRUIT is correct for the specific type of citrus. IF THE NUMBER OF SEEDS PER FRUITS DO NOT COMPLY 1. The number of seeds per fruit of a further working sample shall be determined 2. The average of the two determinations shall be calculated; 3. It shall be established if the number of seeds per fruit comply with the requirements of the citrus type.

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