La Rochelle Yearbook 2022


D R A M A C L U B Th i s year i t was an enormous honour t o s erve as Cha i rper son o f t he Drama Cl ub . I t has been such a pr i v i l ege t o work a l ongs i de a group o f t a l en t ed , c rea t i ve , and hard-work i ng g i r l s . We started off by getting to know one another a bit better, as well as becoming comfortable in our own bodies. We then proceeded to musical theatre, where the girls could explore and uncover new talents. We gained

valuable acting skills on stage, learning how to use both our voices and bodies on stage as well. More recently, we learnt some film skills by being in front of and behind the camera. The girls learned everything about a short film, from acting and directing, to writing, producing, costumes, lighting and make-up. We expanded our dramatic knowledge, developed ourselves in our art, but most importantly, had fun in a supportive environment. Ha s e e n a Al l i e ( C h a i r p e r s o n )

D R A M A C L U B FRONT : Kaylee October, Zenade October, Nina Goodwin (Vice Captain), Miss Kirsty Nel (Teacher), Haseena Allie (Captain), Lara Whatney, Zaidia Brandt 2ND ROW: Kelsey Calitz, Kelsey van Sitters, Carla Viljoen, Luanne du Plessis, Mia Valentine 3RD ROW: Kaitlyn Wolhuter, Saskia Dhont, Likony van der Poel, Kristen Pieterse, Keira Green, Johré Blommetjies, Marguerite Conradie, Hanaa Toefy BACK: Suné Krüger, Jenna van Wyk, Alexandre Vermeulen, Cyhann Willcock, Mila Malherbe, Jeanmari Basson, Mia de Milander, Klara Durr-Behrens, Emma Koch 3RD ROW: Luanne du Plessis, Kaitlyn Wolhuter, Likony van der Poel, Johré Blommetjies, Kristen Pieterse, Julia Freeman, Hanaa Toefy, Carla Viljoen BACK: Courtney Kypriotis, Klara Durr Behrens, Aimee Farmer, Jordan Anderson, Mila Malherbe, Marli Liebenberg, Mila du Toit, Jenna van Wyk, Emma Koch D R A M A G R . 1 0 - 1 2 FRONT: Inge van der Westhuizen, Signe Pietersen, Nina Goodwin (Vice-Captain), Miss Kirsty Nel (Teacher), Haseena Allie (Captain), Zenade October, Lara Whatney 2ND ROW : Zeke Waries, Kelsey van Sitters, Mia Valentine, Damienne Greenhalgh, Izelle Stemmet, Deena Foulkes


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