Olympic CITRUS Packing Guide

Welcome to our CITRUS PACKING GUIDE This is a comprehensive online guide to navigate the rough seas of an everchanging landscape of guidelines. We ensure that this guide is up to date with the latest information and technical specifications. Olympic Fruit is located in the Dutch heart of the vegetable and fruit business. We are a modern (inter)national fruit partner for both producers and buyers. We believe in chain effectiveness. This means that the basics have to be in order and the game of supply and demand has to be played in a pragmatic and modern way. You pay for what you buy, no more and no less. This allows us to offer both producers and buyers value-added services at the right costs. Chain effectiveness starts with knowledge and understanding our playing field. Knowledge of e.g. cultivation, our processes, laws and regulations, our clients, consumers and all other relevant trends and social developments that impact our business. Please visit our website for further information.


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